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Typical advertisement screen viewTypical digital information screen viewTypical retrofit underground station rendering (perspective)Typical retrofit underground station rendering (elevation)

Typical underground wall platform sectionTypical underground island platform section
Typical outdoor or high ceiling wall platform sectionTypical outdoor or high ceiling island platform section
Typical underground low ceiling wall platform sectionTypical underground low ceiling island platform section
Typical underground platform elevationTypical outdoor or high ceiling platform elevation
Typical underground low ceiling platform elevationTypical indoor, high ceiling, or outdoor platform plan
Typical underground low ceiling platform planPlatform and trackside platform edge door controls
In response to the need for increased safety, security and communication capabilities in the world’s urban rail systems, Crown Infrastructure Solutions is proud to present Platform Media (PM), patent pending.  PM is an advertisement supported station improvement program designed specifically to target safety, security and communication issues on the platform waiting areas of urban and commuter railroad systems. PM is a self-sustained program, which will operate independently from government funding and the transportation service provider's capital improvement and operating budgets. Over a period of time, PM will be capable of generating revenue for the transportation service provider. This revenue may be used for additional improvements to bring other areas of the station to a state of good repair, or to subsidize various financial matters.
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